Thursday, October 14, 2010

SFSTYLE Photo Shoot with Colleen Quen- Courture Queen

I got to do an amazing shoot with Colleen Quen and Anthony Lindsey Photography. It was quite amazing! I arrived at Colleens Atelier not knowing quite what to expect...Colleen was sweet and humble, here work is truly amazing I felt honored to be able to do her hair and makeup :) all in all a great time! here are some of the pictures that will be featured in 944 San Francisco and

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Fall Favorites

I've been noticing some really nice, doable (for anyone) looks on the runway for Fall 2010
Chloe has some great soft blowouts with clean, pretty makeup. I going to give a step by step guide on how to achieve the look. Its perfect for day and easy to spice up for a nighttime look.

  1. start with damp hair that has been dried 75% with no product
  2. Section out hair in 4-6 horse shoe sections.
  3. Use a holding product in your hair such as Paul Mitchell Fast form and a thickening spray (I like bumble and bumble) start blow drying at the nape of the neck and using a medium sized round brush, elevating up as you dry.
  4. When you reach the last two sections begin rolling the round brush and holding heat on it while it is rolled up (like hot rollers) let it cool for a few seconds then take down in a vertical sweep.
finish with a light hairspray and shine spray. Run your fingers through it to give it a more "undone" look.

you will need an eyebrow pencil (the color of your lightest shade of hair), cream foundation, concealer, matte bronzer, nude lipstick, with a coral liner, shadow primer, brown, purple (eggplant), gold and nude shadows, brown liner and a black mascara. A finishing powder is optional.

  1. Start with grooming the eyebrows and filling them in lightly.
  2. Apply the primer from the lash line to the to the beginning of the brow.
  3. Start with the nude shadow applying it all over the eye.
  4. Take the brown and purple shadows and mix. Apply to the mid and outer part of the eye working in circular and windshield wiper motions. Creating a gradation (darker at the lash line, light as you work you way up).
  5. Don't go past the brow bone with the color, the point is to be clean and diffused.
  6. Take a smaller angled brush and mix the gold and brown shadows. This is applied to the bottom lash line, directly under the lashes.
  7. The brown liner the goes on only the upper water line and lash line. The bottom waterline stays natural.
  8. Next the Mascara is applied to both top and bottom lashes.
  9. Clean up any shadow that might have fallen under the eye. Take the concealer and apply in little dots under the eye and on any other imperfections. Blend in with a flat brush.
  10. Using a foundation that has a bit more of a yellow tone, apply in the front areas of the face to start, working your way to the edges and corners. Make sure it is blended very well.
  11. Using your bronzer apply directly under the cheek bones in a horizontal diffused line.
  12. Line the lips with a natural to coral liner and finish with a natural to nude lip shade.
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